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Diamond Engagement Rings

Your engagement or wedding day is one of the most cherished and significant events in your entire life. You not only financially invest in such events but also indulge in them with deep emotions. You and your spouse will be ready to tie a knot for life on his special day, and your diamond engagement rings are evidence of this.

Hence, you would significantly desire to have a perfect ring in this regard for this big day. An ideal ring is like a cherry on the top, so one should be very careful while buying it. Having so many choices of styles, designs, and colors of such rings, it becomes challenging to choose the best. So, given below is a complete guide that will help you get the best diamond ring for you.

Why are Most Engagement Rings Dubai Made Up of Diamonds?

If you are engaged or married, there are chances that you may be wearing a sparkling ring n your finger as a symbol. But when it comes to having diamond engagement rings, they are an ensemble of universal love. Although in the past, these precious gemstones were just used for

  • decoration purposes
  • talismans to ward off evil spirits
  • curing different diseases and many more

But now, they have become remarkably a symbol of enduring commitment. These engagement diamond rings have their class which no other gemstone can beat. That is why they are popular among the favorites of all women.

Engagement Diamond Rings Trending Nowadays

Currently, diamond rings are famous in almost every culture. While in earlier days, they were just symbolized as ownership, but today they are widely acknowledged as an indication of everlasting love.

That is why now the diamond engagement rings UAE has evolved so much and are present in the international markets with an endless array of various cuts, colors, shapes, and designs to choose from. However, keep in mind that a diamond ring can say a lot regarding a bride’s personality, so be very careful and smart while buying it.

How to Determine the quality of Engagement Diamond Rings Abu Dhabi?

According to a Dubai law specified for diamond quality determination, all the diamond merchants in USE are essentially required to provide certificates for every diamond purchase. Those certificates include all the relevant details of the diamond, including even the information from where it was mined.

Moreover, according to this law, anyone can determine the quality of a diamond by paying attention to several distinguishing features of diamonds. Those features are collectively referred to as 4C features: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. One should always consider all these big Cs while buying a diamond and Gold engagement ring Dubai.  

Significant Characteristics of Diamonds

Diamond Engagement rings Dubai

Now let’s see the 4C features of diamonds embedded in rings one by one in detail:

1.    Cut

It is one of the most crucial aspects to consider when buying an engagement diamond ring online. The cut of the diamond determines its sparkle and brilliance. According to geological institutes, there are five basic types of cuts:

  1. ideal
  2. very good
  3. good
  4. fair
  5. poor

An ideal cut will present the maximum brilliance, while a poor-cut diamond will look ordinary.

2.    Color

Secondly, color is also an important characteristic as it gives an entire look to the ring and attracts people towards a diamond. Mostly top-quality diamonds are generally colorless and most expensive. However, the color feature is just subjective. One can have a diamond in any color they want.

3.    Carat Weight

Carat is defined as the standard international unit for weighing diamonds. One carat is equal to 0.2 grams. Even a slight difference in weight can overall affect the cost of your diamond by incredible margins. Also, a variation of even 0.1 carats among two diamonds is not noticeable by human eyes, but it matters a lot in pricing. Thus, whenever you shop for diamond engagement rings UAE online, always try to find the one that has a perfect mix of cut grade and carat weight.

4.    Clarity

Although clarity comes at the last in the list of 4 Cs, still, it has its own significance. As diamond is a natural gemstone so it can have both internal and external flaws. The clarity of a diamond determines whether any flaws exist with it or not. In addition to that, clarity also sometimes refers to the natural light passing through it, which determines the diamond’s sparkle and glaze.

Diamonds Shapes on Engagement Rings Abu Dhabi

diamond engagement rings

Now, as you are well aware of the four essential characteristics of a diamond’s quality. Next comes its shape. Diamonds usually come in a variety of shapes and forms in different pieces of jewelry. Each one of those shapes speaks to its individual styles and glamor. So, let’s see the most popular shapes:

1.    Round

It is the most looked after the shape of a diamond, particularly in engagement diamond rings. That is because it extraordinarily highlights the brilliance of a diamond.

2.    Oval

This shape is a geometrical oval shape, and it somehow compliments the lean and long fingers of women.

3.    Emerald

An emerald shaped diamond consists of large faces that showcase remarkable clarity

4.    Ascher

It is a square-shaped emerald diamond that possesses an art deco feel.

5.    Princess

Princess-shaped diamonds are flat-top, broad-base, and pyramidal in shape. They make a diamond look larger than its actual size. That is why they are most commonly attached to engagement rings UAE.

6.    Cushion

Cushion-shaped diamonds evolved in the early 1800s. Their vintage design is predominantly square with slightly rounded corners.

7.    Marquise

These are long and tapered styled diamonds that have maximum carat size

8.    Pear

A pear-shaped diamond is similar to a round marquise hybrid. This shape looks flawless on a thin and light band.

Dubai Diamond Engagement Rings Styles

Diamond rings styles

1.    Pave Style

Pave setting is a beautiful way to personalize an engagement or wedding ring. This style utilizes embedding different small diamonds or gems in the ring band.

2.    Halo Style

Another popular engagement ring style all over UAE is Halo style. It involved a row of somehow smaller pave set diamonds that together create a halo or border around a central big diamond or gemstone.

3.    Double Diamond Style

Two! What’s better than a single diamond? The double diamond style of engagement rings Abu Dhabi has recently come into fashion by celebrities. This ring presents two diamonds indicating the love of you and your engaged partner, combined for eternity.

4.    Eternity Band Ring Style

 Such styled rings are an ultimate representation of everlasting love. Such rings are generally formed with an unbroken chain of small precious diamonds that are connected together forever.

5.    Cluster Style

The cluster setting of diamonds includes a group of small diamonds to create the combined effect of a larger diamond. That is why they are sometimes also referred to as illusion rings.

Types of Diamond Engagement Rings UAE

diamond rings styles

The following are different types of engagement rings that are prevalent all over the world:

1.    Classic rings

Such rings have their own class and have always stood the test of time regardless of the event.

2.    Dramatic bands

These unique studded lovely jewelry items combine the grandeur of a wedding band and the extraordinary beauty of an engagement ring.

3.    Traditional style rings with a twist

These enduring styled rings have been reinterpreted with excellent new design and fine details

4.    Vintage Inspired rings

The glories of the past few decades are amazingly embodied in these specialized creative rings.

5.    Super cool styled rings

Who says diamond engagement rings come in the form of simple lines? They can be stylish and cool at the same time too.

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