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Classic, Modern and Vintage Engagement rings Dubai Style Guide

Have you ever thought of your engagement or wedding rings Dubai to be used as a “Wearable Art,” specially to make choosing a unique style ring for your fiancé-to-be through an even easier process? If not, then read this guide till the end to know which diamond, platinum, or gold engagement rings Dubai will suit you both the best. So, let’s get started.

While several men usually start with having a diamond as the base of their assumptions about their engagement rings Abu Dhabi, exploring distinctly styled rings that your fiancé will adore will surely take you much closer to an ideal choice. However, for that, you necessarily need to consider the ultimate “art of the ring carefully.”


Types of Engagement Rings Dubai

Indeed, diamond engagement rings are considered a symbol of eternal love and lifelong commitment with your fiancé-to-be. But never forget that the rings you buy are also going to be a regularly wearable piece of art. So, you must consider what type of rings will suit your lifestyle the best and what kind of art will perfectly compliment the taste, style, and wardrobe of your fiancé.

Nevertheless, you first essentially need to understand the style goals of your fiancé. Is she Classic? Modern or Contemporary? Vintage-inspired? or Fashion-forward. Once you get the answer to this styling question, your choices of engagement rings Dubai will start falling apart in these categories, making them easier for you to decide what exactly you should buy according to your fiancé’s choice.

Now, let’s see all these ring styles one by one in detail.

A)   Classic Engagement Rings

As the name itself says, Classic is well classic and of definitive standard. Classic rings are made to be perfectly tailored to one’s needs without looking like a hair out of place. Out of the wide diversity of classic engagement rings Dubai styles, the best fi a round diamond solitaire incorporated on a simple gold band. Although the precise number of prongs holding the precious diamonds of this ring may vary according to the place, each one of them looks extraordinary. For example, uber classic rings or four-prong mounting rings.

In addition, nowadays, the most popular choices of classic rings are metallic ranges. Currently, platinum and gold engagement rings UAE are ruling all over the world as their white metallic luster tends to flatter the diamond more than other colors and metal bases. You may think of it as a “New Classic” category.

Moreover, another worldwide famous classic ring-type is the three-stones diamond engagement rings. In such a ring style, many matching diamonds are set in a straight row horizontally with a comparable bigger stone placed in the exact center of the ring. That is mainly meant to indicate your past, present, and future together with your love and life partner. If symbolism is your chief preference, this ring style might be ideal for you.

B)   Modern Engagement Rings

In general, modern and contemporary art breaks free of various constraints present in the preceding era. So, often current engagement rings Dubai designers usually don’t create rings that look more like traditional rings.

But if we move out of the extreme styling zone, several principals of modern ring designs celebrative minimalism with the exceptional use of decent materials innovatively. An artist or jeweler may try his best to maximally bring out the romanticism for the couple in s stark design. Like, for example.

Metallic engagement or wedding bands Abu Dhabi may feature clean lines that give an industrial feel but are still made of modern material like white gold or platinum.

Or, in another case, the stones diamonds featured on diamond engagement rings UAE might not be white, rather colorful.

Or even you may have engagement rings that possess several colorful and precious gemstones other than diamonds and many more.

engagement rings UAE

C)   Vintage–Inspired Engagement Rings

Ah, Vintage Rings! Intricate and Rich on their own, sometimes surprisingly simple but still over the top of the list. However, to be an antique jewelry piece truly, a vintage ring should be more than, or at least 1000 years old. But now, fortunately, you can buy a ring that features a vintage look with stronger metals and better diamonds. Although the ring designs have now somehow staked out of the periods, still, you can ask for any era-specific rings like Art Deco, Etruscan or Victorian engagement rings Dubai. Let’s see the rings falling in these vintage categories for better insight

1.    Art Deco Style Rings

The traditional art deco style was considered modern in the 1920s and 1930s and was often characterized by bold geometric patterns, rich colors, and several lavish ornamentation elements. You may think of it as ornate yet balanced. Engagement rings Abu Dhabi from that era often featured emeralds, sapphires, rubies, and other gemstones like them.

2.    Victorian Inspired Rings

You can entirely get lost and indulged in the rings of Victorian styles, so be very prepared before thinking of having the. But something that will just hit you regarding such engagement rings Dubai will be that you will say “wow” on each of them. Victorian style is nevertheless all about precious diamonds, mainly because large-sized diamonds were rare at the beginning of that age. So, you may find Victorian rings featuring clusters of colorful gemstones or tiny diamonds. One of the most popular and featured Victorian rings is a big pearl in the center of the ring surrounded by several small diamonds all around.

3.    Etruscan Rings

Etruscan engagement rings UAE are considered genuinely ancient. But it is significantly unlikely that you will get a real one. Most jewelry designs use granulation, which is the addition of tiny beads to the ring’s surface, filigree, or some kind of intricate metalwork in order to recreate the Etruscan romantic and ancient style. In addition, Etruscan rings may possess a thick band, but more precisely, the delicate metalwork of such rings elevates them on their own. Moreover, the stones are usually present inset into the metallic band and are often of small size and may be either explicit or colored.

Thus, all-in-all, vintage-inspired rings are statement-makers worldwide in their own unique way. However, as you see, they are further of three different styles, so it is curial for you to know the particular style of any choice of your fiancé-to-be before buying vintage gold engagement rings for her. Furthermore, a few distinct characteristics of vintage-inspired rings include

  • milgrain detailing
  • strings of small metal decently beading around the ring’s edges
  • a diamond halo around the ring’s big central gemstone
  • beautiful intricate patterns of flower engravings
  • pave diamond settings and many more

Having said that, there are numerous style ideas within the vintage rings category.


Although, your ideal choice of engagement rings UAE style is very personal. But considering and assuming it as an art for your loveable fiancé-to-be who will be going to wear it daily for you will surely help you get closer to her heart and the right engagement rings shopping decision. And when you are in doubt, you should necessarily include and ask about her choice in the hunt for the best engagement rings Dubai according to her ultimate choice and styling goals.

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