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All About 3 Carats Diamond Engagement Rings UAE

The unique 3 carats diamond wedding or engagement ring are considered a great purchase, so it is essential to be prepared for shopping beforehand. Indeed, the niche of diamond jewelry is an entire world of many complicated terms, concepts, and numbers, together which can be a bit disheartening when you make a wrong purchase spending a handsome five or six-digit amount.

So, let’s get started and know all the details of 3 carats diamond engagement rings Dubai, and learn how to get the best one for you.

How big is usually a 3 carats diamond engagement ring Dubai?

Let’s get started with the size of the middle diamond. Carat is said to be the unit of measurement for the weight of diamonds, not their dimensions.

  • 1 carat diamond = almost 600 milligrams or 0.6 grams.
  • So, a correspondingly 3 carats diamond weighs roughly 1.8 grams, which the almost the same as a raisin.

But the overall size, that how big it is, usually corresponds to the stone’s proportions like its shape, cut, and style.

On average, the rough proportions that anyone may expect of a 3 carats diamond incorporated on either platinum or gold engagement rings Dubai are around 8x8x6 millimeters.

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The Diamonds Cut

Another most important feature is the diamond’s cut. It is very easy to conflate the shape with a cut, but they both are different in reality. The diamond cuts encompass the overall shape to some extent and refer to the various technicalities and symmetry of the cut, whether there are any apparent defects lead after the cutting procedure, and so on.

Resultantly, the diamond’s cut matters in several ways like;

  1. The better the cuts and angles, the more astonishing the diamond will look
  2. The overall shape of the big central diamond is a primary component of its several cuts together
  3. The cuts of the classy diamonds also significantly affect their total price.

Clarity Grade of Prestigious 3 Carats Diamond

Next, after the diamond’s cut and carat weight, its clarity is the third most vital factor. The clarity of the diamonds incorporated in various platinum and gold engagement rings UAE generally refers to how clear the big central stone is, devoid of any external or internal blemishes, flaws, or inclusions.

Indeed, the value of a diamond with the finest clarity and quality is evident. The clearer the diamond is, the better it looks with the highest level of brilliance. Although the different gemology institutes have varying clarity grade measures, according to a standard, they are of the following types:

  • IF (Internally Flawless) and FL (Flawless) diamonds.
  • VVS1 and VVS2 (Very Slightly Included) diamondsVS1 & VS2 (Very Slightly Included) diamonds.
  • SI1 and SI2 (Slightly Included) diamonds.
  • I1, I2, and I3 (Included) diamonds, and many more

Generally, VS1 and VS2 type diamonds and above them are most commonly recommended for 3 carats diamond engagement rings Abu Dhabi.

Suitable Color Grade for a 3 Carats Diamond engagement ring Abu Dhabi

The color of most colorless diamonds is generally measured on a standard alphabetical scale ranging from D to Z worldwide. The initial A, B, and C grades usually are skipped because when the diamond color graded first started, the gemologists abused these grades very much as A, A+ AAA, AAAAA, etc.

So, nowadays, the diamond color grades for almost all gemological institutes look like;

  • D, E, and F grades = Colorless diamonds
  • G, H, I, and J grades = best value near-colorless grade diamonds
  • K, L, and M grades = Good looking faint color diamond grades
  • N to R grades = Light color graded diamonds with slight hues
  • S to Z grades = least used grades with the lightest color

Any 3 carats diamond that would go beyond the Z grade would be considered a “Fancy Colored Diamond,” as it isn’t colorless anymore. They are even rarer than D, E, and F grade colorless diamonds and even more expensive.

However, of the colorless diamond spectrum, the G to I range grade diamonds are typically recommended for 3 carats diamond engagement rings UAE. They have slight hues and are affordable than others. You may consider grading up if your budget allows.

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Which Kind of Metal You Should for with a 3 Carats Diamond?

The precise metal you tend to choose for your engagement ring with a 3 carats diamond won’t be determined by the size of big stones, but significantly by your choice preferences and color.

For example

  1. If you have a lower color scale diamond, going for yellow gold engagement rings Dubai will probably be your best bet. That is mainly because yellow gold perfectly masks the diamond’s imperfections, making it look colorless while reflecting just the gold’s natural color.
  2. While, on the other hand, if your diamond is nearly half or full colorless, you don’t need to worry about color considerations. Colorless high-quality 3 carats diamonds rock well with almost all metals like
  • White gold
  • Platinum
  • Yellow gold
  • Rose gold, and any more.

However, in general, rose gold engagement rings UAE are viewed as the most feminine and romantic option, particularly for girls on their big day. At the same time, yellow gold is considered a traditional and classic choice. Also, nevertheless platinum and white gold metals are well though more formal and contemporary.

Appropriate Ring Setting Styles for 3 Carats Diamond Rings

Indeed, nowadays, diamond engagement rings Dubai come in various styles and designs to choose from. So, the right ring setting is another excellent factor to consider while shopping for them. Anyone can easily select from the following type of ring settings:

  1. Prong setting
  2. Solitaire setting
  3. Bezel setting
  4. Tension setting
  5. Pave setting
  6. Channel setting
  7. Cathedral setting
  8. Halo setting
  9. Side-stone setting
  10. Flush setting, and many more

However, as for 3 carats diamonds engagement ring and stone’s settings are concerned, most options are usually divided more or less into two basic categories. Those are;

  • Open and exposed settings
  • Closed and protective settings

Each one of them has its own pros and cons.

However, at the end of the day, the choice is all yours. Still, we suggest considering your everyday lifestyle and the nature of work you do while bringing in a 3 carats diamond for your engagement or wedding ring.

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Prominent Diamonds Certifications

Last but not least, several certifications are a must to look at while shopping for diamond engagement ring Abu Dhabi. According to the general rule of thumb, some standard certificates acknowledged worldwide include the following:

  1. GIA – Gemological Institute of America
  2. AGS – American Gem Society
  3. GCAL – Gem Certification & Assurance Lab
  4. IGI – International Gemological Institute
  5. EGL – European Gemological Laboratories

If your 3 carats diamond is certified by any of these institutions, you can rest assured completely that its grades are perfectly accurate, and you will be getting what is worth your money.

However, a few additional clauses and perks that you should also have include;

  1. A money-back guarantee.
  2. Free shipping with insurance.
  3. Free or discounted annual resizing, repair, check-ups, and other such services
  4. Different payment options.
  5. Online and offline availability, and many more.


Wrapping it up, the ideal worthy parameters handling budget-friendly diamond engagement ring UAE are the ones who posses

  1. An Excellent grade cut on the GIA or AGS scale
  2. A VS1 or VS2 clarity grade
  3. A G to I color grade
  4. Ring kind of metal and its relevant setting
  5. Any of the standard worldwide certifications.

However, all these characteristics of engagement or wedding rings featuring 3 carats diamonds are just subjection; the choice is all yours. As long as you have picked up a reliable diamond dealer for your big day’s ring, you may rest assured that you are going to make a worthy purchase.

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