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How the Choose the Best Gemstones for Your Engagement Rings?

Nowadays, undoubtedly gemstones exist in a wide variety worldwide. Each one of them is unique to represent striking colors across the entire color spectrum. For this significant reason, the trend had begun that people have now started considering them for their engagement rings as an alternative to diamonds. Indeed, they are a great way to beautiful add something very special to your piece of jewelry. Notably, their value increases even more if the gemstone you choose holds a special meaning to the wearer.

But unlike the traditional diamond engagement rings Dubai, the world of gemstones incorporated in big day rings require distinct considerations. Thus, choosing the best stone to complete the overall look of your jewelry is entirely based on different priorities.

Therefore, in this article, we are going you all the essential information regarding the characteristics of each gemstone. In addition to that, we have also focused on combining the most popular gemstones with traditional diamond, platinum, and gold engagement rings UAE. Furthermore, we have also mentioned each gemstone’s concise pros and cons compared to diamonds. So, let’s get started.

7 Most Popular Gemstones for Trendy Engagement Rings 2022

Besides the precious diamonds, most gemstones are very much valued and loved for their extravagant colors and beauty. And when they are being chosen for engagement or wedding rings as the main center stone, it is usually due to both these classy characteristics.

Below are seven popular gemstones that truly make beautiful choices for your jewelry pieces. Also, they are considered trendy every time, never going out of style. Let’s discuss them now one by one.

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1.    Sapphires Engagement Rings

Sapphires are one of the most favorite and unique gemstones for engagement and wedding rings. They are famous because of their durability and lustrous colorful beauty. A typical general practice utilized in the sapphires industry to enhance their natural beauty is to heat them at high temperatures.

Moreover, sapphires are very well-known to come in an array of rainbow colors when it comes to the color range. Even some of them also possess and exhibit the featured color-changing characteristics. Those natural color shifts in the sapphires may be due to the light falling on their different angles. Sometimes, they may appear blue, while grayish-green at some other times.

Commonly sapphires look extravagant when incorporated in the bands of diamond engagement rings UAE. Their colors contrast with pure diamonds and hold exceptional value and meaning for your partner.

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2.    Rubies

After sapphires, next, come the rubies. They both preceding come from the same mineral species named Corundum. In addition, similar to sapphires, they are often heat-treated to have improved clarity and astonishing color shades.

Moreover, with almost the same crystal-clear characteristics and rigid structures, rubies are generally classified apart from them due to their long historical significance and a special allure.

Although rubies come in a wide variety of colors, the most popular and preferred one is red. The deep red colored rubies with a slight bluish hue in them appeal and attract everyone towards them. Such a unique color combination is also referred to as “Pigeon’s Blood Red.” Due to this unique tone, red rubies are famous for combining white, rose, and yellow gold engagement rings Abu Dhabi.

3.    Aquamarines

The third most classic and unique gemstone of the beryl family is aquamarine. Typically, it is a light to somehow medium blue colored stone that also sometimes appears greenish-blue upon direct falling of light.

In addition, most naturally found aquamarines are found in larger sizes with a lovely transparency and purity factor. The tranquil quality and feature of this gemstone’s color are what make it stand out from others in its group. Moreover, the relative flawless look of these prestigious stones is a huge drawing and attractive feature of it.

Being blue in color, aquamarines present a great combination with platinum, white gold, and diamond engagement rings Dubai. But one most significant flaw of them is that they usually lack the strength and durability factor compared to other precious stones and diamonds.

4.    Emeralds

The fourth most precious, classy, and famous gemstone class is emeralds. They are highly valued and admired for their deep rich green hues.

Nowadays, a wide variety of such mineral species, beryl gemstones, emeralds are considered notorious for their significant visible flaws. It is very awfully rare to dins a flawless and natural emerald. For this very reason, even very slightly indulged emeralds revealing ideal colors are acknowledged well as a prized find.

Emeralds look beautiful with all types of engagement and wedding rings. However, one most distinct thing about them is that they require much more care and protection while wearing and storing for a longer-term. That is mainly because of their unique natural inclusions.

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5.    Morganite

Morganite got its name after a famous gemstone banker and collector named J.P. Morgan. Also, this unique name remarkably suits them due to being extraordinary pink-hued beryl. Their shade and tint of their pinkish color range from some simple rosy salmon to slightly orange tinges. The change in shades may be due to the heat treatment that removes the natural yellowish tone and enhances their pink beauty. Due to this very reason, they look tremendous with yellow, white, and rose gold engagement rings UAE.

In addition, Morganite is a highly romantic-feeling stone, due to which it is a popular choice of the big center stone in engagement and wedding rings. Furthermore, similar to aquamarines, they are found naturally in larger sizes and are generally very clear and pure in nature.

6.    Moissanite

Another very scarce yet beautiful gemstone is Moissanite. It is rarely found naturally, so most of its versions are exclusively manmade and artificially grown in labs.

This gemstone got introduced in the global jewelry market by the famous firm Charles and Colvard in 1998. Soon after that, Moissanites quickly gained massive popularity as an appealing alternative to diamonds.

Moreover, due to beautifully reflecting natural light characteristics and rivaling diamonds’ natural brilliance and glamor, they are ruling overlapping the traditional trend of diamond engagement rings Dubai. They have extraordinarily replaced the big central diamond over time. Furthermore, their durability and hardness are also what make them an ideal option to be worn as engagement and wedding jewelry for longer times.

7.    Moonstone

Last but not least, moonstones are becoming a new trend in the jewelry fashion industry. They are ethereal-looking lovely gemstones from the feldspar family. They are specially named because of their glowing sheen and luster resembling the natural moonlight. That is the main reason that these stones show a playful array of colors when watched from different angles.

Moreover, the most desirable and valuable moonstones have a bluish sheen and high levels of transparency. That makes them look highly remarkable on platinum, white gold, and rose gold engagement rings Abu Dhabi.

However, they somehow require special care, attention, and protection as they are slightly sensitive to being chipped or cr

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